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H2O for Hope

Your voluntary donation of $1.00 for a glass of water will bring HOPE to those in need!

Each month we will select a charity. Your donation will be MATCHED by the Winner Foundation and a check for the total contribution will be sent to the “H20 Hope” charity of the month.

H2O Hope

Septenber Charity

Sharon Schools Backpack Program

We realize that hardworking families often struggle with financial hardships which can make it difficult to provide daily meals. While Sharon area children are able to receive food in school for breakfast and lunch, on the weekends and vacations there may be little food available to them. Each week teams of volunteers meet at Community Food Warehouse, to pack the bags of non-perishable food items for the children. On the last day of school before each weekend or vacation, healthy, non-perishable food items are discretely placed in selected children’s backpacks to enjoy over the weekend.

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